Professional Advice accessable to Everyone, Everywhere

Competencer is a prime example of how digital solutions makes our lives easier. They help advisors, therapists, coaches and consultants to offer a much more accessible service to those that need their help. This means that for us that would like advice and coaching, we can get advice virtually anytime and anywhere we want.
Starting their entrepreneurial life after a few “paid” jobs, Janna and Tove impressed us quickly with their vision and enthusiasm. Together with their CTO, Solen, they are building a scalable business that is both a consumer marketplace as well as a complete CRM/payment/booking solution for advisors.
Compared to the early days of our own journey with Bookatable, we see many similarities, and we believe we have a few tricks to share……both good and bad!

Founders Janna Jarlmann, Solen Oliviero-Naturel, Tove Toll
Founded 2013
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Focus Digital health
Revenue model SaaS, Transactional
Co-investors STOAF (Stockholm Business Angels), Niklas Adalberth
YouTube How does Competencer work?
Twitter @competencer_se