Helena Ehnbom

Helena Ehnbom is an experienced digital leader with a soft spot for building and developing agile brands for game changing companies.

The past 20 years, Helena has worked with some of the most interesting digital brands, from redefining the dating category with to understanding the very core of the future for the mobility industry for Daimler owned mytaxi. 

Starting her career in the advertising industry,  Helena  joined as General Manager just before the dot com bubble burst, giving her a crash course in the mechanisms of the new economy - and that there is such a thing as too early, but also that technology has its own pace and it is not linear. As Marketing Director for IAC owned, the lessons learned was equal parts heart and excel can build the most well known brand in the Nordics and a straight forward brand strategy well executed is better than years of complex modelling. 

The past years, Helena has been helping startups to get their brand strategy in place as well as facilitating larger companies adoption of the startup's innovative mind sets. Supporting international digital companies market entry to the Nordics is one of her favorite missions and she has a vast network in the local digital industry. If you find her on a stage, she is most likely talking about how to build a lovable brand or the fact that it is always about people, even when it is about technology.