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HALMSTAD JUNE 2011. Mom2moM AB has closed a initial seed financing round of 3.8 MSEK led by RECAPEX. The company designs high fashion clothes and beauty products for pregnant women and newly mothers.


Niklas Eklund, general partner of RECAPEX will join the company as the chairman.


Founder and CEO Elin Petersson has created a new innovative way to both design, develop, and market fashion for an interesting niche market.


With the companies first guest designer Isabel Adrian the collection Mom2moM Love By Isabel will be released using online stores during the fall of 2011.


Please visit Mom2moM (Swedish) for more information

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HALMSTAD, JUNE 2011. Virtual Trainer provides a product for training facilities and gyms. The innovative product is a 6ft iphone/ipad with an app which becomes a virtual trainer available 24-7. It includes over 300 instruction vidoes explaining how to best train and rehab your body.


Virtual Trainer also helps its customers to market and book personal trainers och gym classes. The product has been developed by co-founder Robert Lidén, Daniel Aarenstrup and Jonas Samuelsson. Their innovation has already achieved several awards and accolades like runner up in Venture Cup (May 2011).


RECAPEX general partner Niklas Eklund joins the company as the chairman.


For more information visit


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STOCKHOLM JUNE 2011. Johan Siwers is the new chairman for Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Sweden. 


IAB is the independant organisation for the digital and interactive marketing industry representing the National trade associations and Corporate members.


As the CEO of Johan Siwers was responsible for the largest online advertising budget in the Nordics. This will be a valuable experience as he helps IAB as he leads their board of directors.


The board of directors of IAB Sweden includes representatives from Microsoft, Schibsted, Google and Procter and Gamble.


Read more about IAB on their website.

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HALMSTAD JUNE 2011. Virtual trainer has released a new product video showing the functionality of their latest product.


View the video

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