Digital entrepreneurs are our main source of inspiration. RECAPEX has therefore committed help early stage digital companies to succeed, we call these comapnies our "Digital Friends". Below is a list of some of the companies that we are proud  to call our friends.

Insurello is challenging the insurance industry, with the consumer in focus, spot on. 


Greenely is surprising us time after time, keep it up.

SAVR wants to change the world of savings, we like.

Vässla might not fully be a Tessla in the shape of a Vespa, but almost.


Identiway is identifying the world, a humble ambition.


Henry is about getting people onboard, including us.


Karma keeps coming back to us, so does Karma. 

Pinmeto is mapping the world, for customers from all over the world.


Auctionet is digitalizing auction houses of the world.


Safira is bringing fashion jewlery to the online consumer generation.


Relate is abut the next level of online dating.

Loop54 is converting search into sales.