What is D-Ax? Axel Johnson Group + RECAPEX = D-Ax

A heart, a head and financial strength

As entrepreneurs with 20+ years experience in the digital world we have often asked ourselves; what does the ideal investor look like, that can help us realize our dreams?

Lengthy conversations has led us to agree on some common characteristics.

An investor with a big heart. We believe it is important that we can look an investor in the eye, engage in honest conversations and share common ambitions to succeed.

An investor with a smart head. We would like to be challenged and encouraged to think outside the box.

A strong investor. Financial strength is of course important. An ideal investor also has strong ties to a network of active partner channels and other assets.

The above describes many great investors. But, based on our own experience of starting several ventures with outside funding, we still think that the list above comes up short. Therefore, we’d like to compliment the above.

- To the Head aspect, we wanted to add people with first hand experience of starting, building and selling companies and digital products. You cannot truly help an entrepreneur unless you have been in the same boat.

- To the Strength side we wanted to add long term commitment and patience. You don’t want your investor to plan for the divorce on your wedding day!

With this in mind, we have started D-Ax, with the aim of creating our own dream investor that can help tomorrows digitals entrepreneurs win.

The team behind D-Ax has a lot of heart. An unwavering commitment to 140 years of entrepreneurial excellence through  Axel Johnson AB is combined with digital mavericks with first hand experience at companies like, Livebookings and Bookatable. Our collaboration provides us with a great network in the digital landscape, but also a strong base in the “lesser-digital” world via Axel Johnsons SEK 70 billion turnover in e.g. Axfood, Åhléns eller Mekonomen.

If our heads are intelligent enough to succeed we leave to others to comment on.

Axel Johnson and RECAPEX provide capital strength that means we can provide long term capital for entrepreneurs to go from prototype to a profitable business. Together with our international network of investors and friends, we often co-invest to further enhance opportunities.

As an example of our investments - watch the video about our portfolio company Virtusize: