New product release from Virtusize with AI at the core

Tokyo20 July 2017: Virtusize, the award winning virtual fitting solution, today announced that it has released a new product - Virtusize Fitting Room. Launching in their biggest market - Japan - the first customer is Ragtag with many other to follow.

Andreas Ueno-Olaussone, Country Manager Virtusize Japan says:

Virtusize has released the first ever online search engine that introduces clothes and accessories based on how well they fit you. Using AI and advanced data processing technology developed over several years together with some of the world's leading retailers, we are currently available on 30 leading retail sites in Japan, helping them drive sales and reduce returns. Currently ca 15% all retailers in Japan use Virtusize.

We are proud to present - "Fittingroom by Virtusize", built to revolutionize the way you shop online forever. Click the link below to check it out! (video narration in Japanese)

Step 1: Select an item that you own that fits well (we track all purchase history on all our clients, and you can also register items by measuring)

Step 2: Get recommendations on items that fit you in a similar way to your existing clothes. We also tell you exactly in what way the fit of your clothes and the clothes you want to buy differs.

Step 3: Shop on!

Our new service "Fittingroom by Virtusize" is currently available on Ragtag in Japan ( and will be rolled out rapidly this fall.

To see how it works, see the video below (with Japanese commentary).