We are looking for great ideas, brilliant people and partners that can create growth.

We focus on ideas with:

Digital leverage, e.g. in marketing, distribution or technology.

Passionate leadership, e.g. in founding team, the existing organization or in the product or services itself.

A step by step approach, e.g. where a core idea is proven in a smaller format, but where a scalable road map can be identified.





We are looking for:

Entrepreneurs with the drive, passion and understanding of how to run a business and with an Internet technology in their DNA.


Industry specialists that have competencies that can add value to RECAPEX companies and help our Entrepreneurs.


Executive partners with operational management experience from an online venture and the urge to bring value to growth companies.


We are seeking:


To expand RECAPEX and we welcome additional partners that can make our business concept stronger.


The mentality of a frugal startup built on great partnerships that add value and provide access to additional growth capital.


Discussions with additional capital partners as well as companies or individuals that can bring value to RECAPEX portfolio companies.




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