Niklas Eklund as the CEO of Livebookings Niklas Eklund as the CEO of Livebookings

RECAPEX brings a smarter approach to growth companies with a better return for entrepreneurs and investors.  After 20 years as an entrepreneur building VC-backed companies, I see a opportunity gap for RECAPEX. Backed by strong research and using specialist experience RECAPEX can provide smarter growth captial to entreprenuers.



Niklas Eklund, General Partner RECAPEX (more

At Ekstranda we want to back great entrepreneurs and great ideas. With the existing funding gap between early stage ventures and the investor community, working with a team like RECAPEX we can help bridging from the necessary research, to providing the appropriate capital and then adding world class execution.


PG Nilsson, Chairman of the Board Ekstranda

Johan Siwers as CEO of Northern Europe Johan Siwers as CEO of Northern Europe

In RECAPEX we want to create a framework for leveraging great entrepreneurs. We do this by applying our own learnings, best practise and our network, from having built online companies over the past 15 years.

We are passionate about bringing forward great ideas, then assuring them to be executed in an optimized way, in order to allow realizing their full potential.


Johan Siwers, General Partner RECAPEX (more)

The RECAPEX team has been behind a few of the more successful online businesses in the region, making them a natural speaking partner in the venture capital eco system. Sharing a common view of how successful online businesses are built, makes RECAPEX a great partner when both identifying, capitalizing and executing great ideas.


Johan Brenner, General Partner Creandum

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