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RECAPEX is helping Aftonbladet.se to search for companies with focus on mobile services.


Our target is to find ideas/companies/entreprenuers, where we together can support the development of the mobile eco system.


We are looking for ideas that enhance editorial services and/or the user experience based on news flow in your mobile. This could be new or add on services, existing functions or a technical innovations. Examples could be: integration with social media, aggregated usage of public databases, mashups, GPS-functions, event or result driven push-services, etc.


We look for ideas/companies/entreprenuers:

  • in an early stage, 0-3 years of history
  • a clear customer focus, who is the customer and what problem are you solving?
  • most likely consumer oriented services
  • initial focus on the Swedish market, but with an international ambition
  • strong passionate team, preferably with a strong technogly base 
  • in a phase before significant revenues, where Aftonbladet.se with 1.2 million unique mobile users per week, could be a strong partner to develop the idea/company

RECAPEX want to work with the entrepreneur to build a model that creates proof of concept with strong growth momentum and a foundation for additional funding.


For more information, contact us.


Do you have a business or business idea and you think that RECAPEX can help you?


If YES, do not hesitate to contact us.

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