Helping offline Retailers build better Online Presence

As we were getting to know the founders of PinMeTo, we were a little surprised to one day find that the team had abandoned Malmö to go surfing in warmer climate. However, surfing during the day and working at night proved a very productive combo for them to get their product ready. Following a brief due diligence, we joined as investors and took a seat on the Board of Directors.
Back in Malmö, the team has built a top team around a very strong culture. Their client base as increased dramatically with both national and international retailers. PinMeTo is rapidly proving that their idea in helping retail chains and franchises to increase reach across all digital marketing platforms, is working.
Assuming that what PinMeTo claim is true, that 4 out of 5 local searches on mobile devices end in a purchase with 73% of these purchases in brick and mortar stores. PinMeTo is building a powerful position and is very well positioned to ensure retailers are visible to capitalise on this traffic.


Founders Daniel Melkersson, Petter Palander, Michael Nilsson, Marcus Olsson
Founded 2014
Headquarters Malmö, Sweden
Type of business Online marketing
Revenue model SaaS
Co-investors D-Ax, Wingefors Invest
TechCrunch Interview with Petter Palander
Twitter @pinmeto