Mobile Workforce management Solutions

When Mikkel founded Planday in Copenhagen, he wanted to make life easier for people working in shift jobs but also to make life less complicated for their employers. He built software that took the hassle out of managing rotas, calendars, communication and time tracking. Shortly after he got his first customer, Anders joined as sales director and co-founder.
Having built a profitable company, with largely Danish customers, they decided that it was time to go global in 2013-2014, which is when RECAPEX invested. We agreed that the bet was, that growth in adoption of mobile solutions, would dramatically change the way employers and employees communicate, towards a more collaborative model. 
The bet seems to be paying off….today, a few years later, Planday have several thousand customers (restaurants, hotels, gyms, etc) across Europe and several hundred thousands users of their apps. Employees in all these companies, log in to their Planday app many times a day, and employers have immediate access and information to their entire, often distributed, workforce. Planday today have offices in the Nordics, UK, Germany and a newly opened office in the US.


Founders Mikkel Lomholt, Anders Fredriksen
Founded 2005
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Focus Digital software for retail merchants
Revenue model SaaS,
Co-investors Creandum, ID Invest
YouTube Sophie's Steakhouse interview
Twitter @planday