Product search for e-commerce companies

We came across Loop54 in 2014 as they were looking for capital. Following a few conversations, the feedback to Robin was that he didn’t need venture capital, he needed to go out of his office and sell!! He took that challenge onboard and when we met him a year later, he had added several paying clients proving that there was a real demand for Loops site search engine.
We were never in doubt that the team at Loop54 are incredibly talented, but the question was, can they deliver revenue growth? And the answer is yes: they have, so far, beaten every sales target they have set themselves.
Robin, Mike, Joel and Eric, as well as the newer members of the team, are some of the smartest tech and maths teams to come out of Stockholm. During our latest board meeting, we learnt that they have built a new search engine, which deliver 10% better results than the current one. That means, they currently have the two best site search engines on the market!
Loop54 is currently continuing to win market share in their home-market and have their sights set on expansion outside of the Nordic market.

Founders Mike Odin, Joel Kall, Robin Mellstrand
Founded 2013
Headquarters Stockholm
Focus E-commerce tools
Revenue model SaaS, Transactional
Co-investors Almi Invest, D-Ax
YouTube Deep dive into deep learning
Twitter @loopfiftyfour
Website www.loop54.com