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We help companies to grow their digital ambition, scale and value, by leveraging research, capital and execution.

RECAPEX helps large, ambitious companies to become more successful by leveraging the digital revolution.
In tandem, we also help ambitious digital entrepreneurs to realise sustainable growth to become large, successful companies.

Welcome to an avenue of research

In a constantly changing environment, understanding the world around us is essential for making qualified decisions. Internet provides instant access to almost endless information and data.

RECAPEX works closely with a strong global network of digital experts and we continually invest in our own research.

Analysing and understanding data is a key competitive advantage for all organisations.


Sourcing street smart capital

The digital economy is allowing for new business models and companies to be created, both faster and with less capital than ever before.

However, many ideas and companies still need capital to expand and stay ahead of the competition.

In many parts of the world there is a widening gap between outside investors and entrepreneurs.


Finding the road to better execution

In a digital, global and transparent world, there are an abundance of new ideas and new products.

Your idea or your product will never sell itself without exceptional execution of your plan. 

To create an environment that empowers great execution, we believe the foundation lies in: ambition, network and trust.